Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tatcha - Japanese Beauty Secrets, Skincare Ritual & Beauty Products

After throwing away all of my old, chemical-filled face washes, toners and moisturizers, I realized I needed to find replacements. And fast. Luckily for me, there are a lot of options out there!

Tatcha is different. It's not like any other cleansing system I've used before. I can now say that I understand the flawless beauty of the Geisha women.

"TATCHA’s formulas pay homage to the icon of Eastern beauty and our own storied heritage. Now the secrets of the geisha live on through a proprietary process involving the most precious green teas, Okinawa red algae, rice bran and other time-tested ingredients."

Monday, September 3, 2012

LAID Brand Professional Hair Care (for ADULTS)

In my only-beginning never-ending quest for non-toxic hair care products, I came across a really neat and interesting product. It's an all natural brand, with an interesting twist.

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These products are great for our environment with recyclable containers, and the company is also currently working towards incorporating post-consumer recycled materials. This line of hair care makes your hair look and feel great, while also helping out your own personal energy; with the use of  Pherottraction   .

Reviva Labs Makeup Primer, Seaweed Soap and Under-Eye Dark Circle Serum Reviews

Reviva Labs sent us 3 different products to review. I had spent a long time on this review, because I really wanted to get to know the products and how well they work/don't work.

Reviva Labs is a Natural skincare company, with a long line of all natural products and plant based products. The seaweed soap is one of the latter.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Hair Therapy Wrap Review

Before I get into the review, I realize this product doesn't conform to the "niche" of our blog here at NTH. We know, and agree. The reason I'm sharing this product with you, is because of the benefits I found while using it.

The Hair Therapy Wrap is a cordless, thermal heat turban-style wrap for your scalp and hair.

What I found most help was that the heat treatment helps reverse any damage done to excessive drying from products.
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Monday, August 6, 2012

Acure Calming Body Lotion Review

I love body lotion. I love nontoxic body lotion the most. Many of the lotions I have tried so far, that fit our new lifestyle criteria have either; a.) not had a scent at all or b.) not smelled very good. I can appreciate a nice, light floral scent in a lotion just to add a touch of flowers to my own scent. Recently I was given Acure Calming Body Lotion to review. The scent is lavender + lotus flower. It has a really soothing smell.

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I do get dry skin from time to time and because of that, I like to pamper my skin. I also like "sprucing" up my tattoos.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Dr. Nate's Natural Toothpaste (Fluoride Free) and Lip Therapy

I was actually surprised when I found out what fluoride can do to a person's health and well-being.  However, due to the lengthy research on fluoride, that will be in a post all it's own. 

I was given some natural mint toothpaste and lip therapy to review, and share with my NTH Review Group.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Sun Protection Zone - Greenbeanz Hoodie Review & Giveaway

I was given the opportunity to review a Sun Protection Zone Hooded Jacket. It's a lightweight jacket, made from recycled COFFEE BEANS grounds. Yes, you read that correctly. Coffee beans.
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Greenbeanz jackets are beneficial for more than just your everyday wear; they are great for golfing, hiking, lounging in the sun, outdoor work, biking, overall sun protection and even urban exploration.